Travelling Tips

Everyday of our lives, we do travelling of some sort. For some it is the journey to and from work, for others to visit loved ones in the rural areas, and yet for others it is for business. Regardless of our reason for travelling, it is important to take note of various smart travelling tips, not just during the journey but also where we are coming from and where we are going.

We at Zupco would like to remind you our valued clients of the following:

1.    If you are leaving home for a long time ensure that you leave someone to house sit.
This will ensure that your home and personal belongings are kept safe. Criminals are able to tell you a schedule as they watch and watch and watch as they wait for an opportunity to pounce on you. SO whilst you are out or away, they can be ransacking your house, unless you beat them at their game.

2.    Lock all windows and doors before leaving home.
Double check before you leave and if you have an alarm installed, ensure that you activate it before you leave home.

3.    If you have luggage, keep it at a minimal.
The more luggage that you carry, the more difficult it is to keep track. Criminals and touts can also easily distract you and run off with a piece of luggage if you travel with ‘your whole wardrobe’. And remember, it’s cheaper for you to travel light as excess luggage is charged.

4.    Don’t keep your money and valuables in one place.
It is convenient to keep your money, wallet, identity documents and cellphone to mention but a few in one place, but remember, if your precious wallet or handbag is snatched or stolen with everything you are very much stranded!

5.    Avoid keeping your wallet/purse in your pockets (back, side etc) or walking around with your zip at the back.
Criminals are very cunning, and they can easily pickpocket you or cause commotion and sneak away with your wallet or purse in broad daylight. As you are walking around with your handbag zip behind you, they can also open and fish away your valuables.

6.    Check and carry adequate documents.
Its very easy to pre book and forget the ticket at home, carry the ticket and forget your passport or carry everything and forget medical certificates, especially if you are travelling to areas where you need to be vaccinated before you arrive.

7.    Scan all your documents.
Bags get misplaced in transit, especially when you are hitch-hiking or connecting, whilst on a trip, it is easy to forget documents in a bus at a restaurant or in the hotel room. So it is advisable to photocopy and keep copies separately from the originals. Better still in this information age, you can scan and keep copies in your email account, which you can access anywhere at any time.

8.    Get Insured!
If you are travelling with valuables or have gone on an excursion to buy valuables, please insure them the insurance will be a fraction of the cost of your valuables, but it will save you from a serious heart ache.

9.    Get adequate medical cover.
Before crossing that border, ensure that your medical aid covers you in foreign lands. Physically check with your medical aid company and if you are not covered arrange for cover.  Better safe than sorry, right!!

10.    Don’t leave your luggage unattended or with strangers.
A lot can happen in one minute, so rather be safe than sorry, don’t overly trust strangers around you. If you leave your luggage unattended in public you are simply asking for trouble. On the other hand, if you leave your luggage with a perfect stranger, they can easily walk away with your belongings and people all around will not be suspicious till you raise an alarm.

11.    Don’t fight with criminals.
You might not live to tell the story the next day! There is a simple rule that people find hard to follow: if you are mugged, give over your wallet, watch etc. If you have followed the advice given above on insuring valuables, separating them and not carrying your whole wardrobe this shouldn’t be a problem. And by all means, ensure you’ve left all your irreplaceable stuff (anything of sentimental value) at home. So if you are unfortunate to be mugged, just comply, and walk away uninjured.