Terms & Conditions

ZUPCO’s thrust is to provide a highly professional, efficient and reliable bus transport service to the public.  In order to safeguard our passengers, we are pleased to advise that ZUPCO has limited passenger insurance to cover medical expenses in the unlikely event of any mishaps on any of our buses.   We encourage our customers to get personal medical cover to compliment the ZUPCO this initiative.

In addition, ZUPCO has limited insurance for our customers’ luggage, whose purpose is to compensate our passengers in the event of loss or damage in special circumstances.  We however advise our customers to safeguard their belongings at all times, given that this insurance cover does not apply in all situations.

We advise our passengers to always insist on being given valid bus tickets as proof of payment of bus fares.   Customers should expect ticket checks while on board a ZUPCO bus, making it necessary to keep one’s ticket for the duration of their trip.

By way of policy, once a journey has commenced, ZUPCO will be unable to issue refunds.

In the unlikely event of a bus breaking down during a trip, ZUPCO will provide relief transport that will ensure that passengers complete their journey.