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Rail Passenger

Rail Passenger Services

Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Ltd) (ZUPCO) has partnered with the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) in introducing the Rail Passenger Services.

This partnership comes as a way of alleviating public transport challenges for the commuting public. This was following an outcry by residents over shortage of transport after the banning of private commuter omnibuses and the introduction of ZUPCO in 2018. The event of the ZUPCO Train launch was graced by the Honorable Minister of Local Government and Public Works Cde July Moyo and the Permanent Secretary for Minister of Transport and lnfrastructural Development Engineer Theodius Chinyanga .Speaking at the launch, Hon. Minister Moyo state that the re-launching of commuter train by ZUPCO is a way to alleviate the burden on the urban working population and provide affordable transport services.

He added that trains have timetables that assist travelling passengers in managing to catch it on time in designated rain stops. The ZUPCO and NRZ joint venture shows a clear picture of the government's commitment towards putting the commuting public and workers first because they deserve a safe, affordable, efficient and reliable alternative means of

transport. Moreover, the introduction of the Rail Passenger Service is a way of reducing congestion in the CBD as it is the government's mandate to ensure there is smooth flow of business in the CBD. The Rail Passenger Service offers an express train and it only stops at designated stops at the main stations, said ZUPCO Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr Everisto Madangwa.