Identifying our buses

Firstly, where is the bus going?

The route that a particular bus is plying is highlighted on the destination board. As the name implies, this board, shows you where the bus is headed. However, there are two things you need to pay attention to,

(i)    The final destination

This is where the bus is headed, the end point of the journey. Depending on the service you are using, this can be a growth point, a town centre or the main terminus in the city or town.

(ii)    Stages for the trip

There is an old adage which says, there are many ways to skin a cat, likewise there are many ways of getting to the final destination. Consequently, make sure you pay attention to the stages that the bus will pass through, for example Harare to Bulawayo may be via Mvuma or via Kwekwe. If you are headed to the final destination, you will not be in trouble per se but if you intended to drop off along the way, getting on the wrong bus would be a disaster, so watch the stages closely.

Secondly, of our many buses, which one did you use?

Our buses are uniquely identifiable by alphanumeric tags that are stuck on both the front and rear of the bus. These tags look like this.

So make sure you know which bus you are on so that you can give us feedback on how your journey went. Also if you happen to leave something on the bus, it’s easier to get it back if you know the bus number than to say, I got on the bus from Masvingo to Harare.

Here is wishing you a safe, memorable and enjoyable journey!